Fish Pie Supper

Fish Pie Supper

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This week we've added our classic smoked haddock and trout pie topped with buttery new season crushed potatoes, served with peas, broad beans and greens.  All washed down with a tasty Bourgone Blanc. 

All you need to do it pop the pie in the oven and sautee the vegtables. 

Fish Pie Box Menu 
Prawns & Mayonnaise 
Fish Pie to share
Summer Greens 
Mint & Lemon Dressing 

Bourgogne Blanc Dom. Du Chateau de Grand Pre, Burgundy France, 2017
Grape: Chardonnay. Most of which is grown in Beaujolais and the winery is in Fleurie. From the label you will see that this was set to be a big hit on both our boats this summer. The sultry mermaid would have done all the selling herself. In typical fashion we took the whole allocation. The wine makers are more well known for their Gamay, they make a lot more of it. In fact they don’t even list the white on their website. This is wide on the finish and as buttery as a Pret Croissant. Drink as soon as it arrives.