Lockdown 4 Bottle Wine Box

Lockdown 4 Bottle Wine Box

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It's no secret that at London Shell Co. we are well known for our love of wine. 

At the moment we have a fully stocked cellar and no one here to help us drink it.  The Lockdown box is a mixed box of our restaurant favourites.

No Queues... No headaches... that we can promise. 

What you get...

4 mixed bottles:
1 Bottle of the Grand Duchess English Sparkling Wine
2 White
1 Red

Dust off your Zaltos, turn up your stereo and get loose to this Lockdown juice!

All boxes are currently delivered on a Friday.

Please email your preferences to harry@londonshellco.com and I will make a box up to suite your tastes. Each box comes with detailed tasting notes.